Build custom internal tools dramatically faster.

Build software for approval workflows, user management, manual data entry, etc., all in minutes. Instead of days.

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Pre-built and composable views

Our insight is that internal tools all share the same building blocks. So we give you those building blocks, and you can compose them in to custom approval workflows, user management tools, and more, all in minutes.


Integrate with your existing data

Integrate Retool into your existing datasources. Need to pull in users from your production database? Connect it to Retool, and write one line of SQL. Boom - user data now available in your user management app, all in minutes.

Retool your entire team

Your team's tools define them. You want customized ones, fit for the job, without expending significant engineering resources. Retool lets you create complex, customized ones, instantly. Better tools mean more productive teammates.


Enduring business value

The workflows you bulid in Retool supercharge you and your employees. Your employees are hacking Google Sheets / Excel to do complex approval workflows, enter data in to existing datasources, etc. With Retool, you can build complex, custom software for those workflows in minutes, and reap the dividends forever.


Our mission

We know how many internal tools that companies build, from scratch, just to run their business. Internal tools are critical - but generally neglected by engineering. We're here to change that - Retool lets you create complex, custom software in minutes, so your engineers can get back to customer-facing software.